Welcome to Manchester Farm Center!

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Feed Store - livestock feeds plus everything for the well-being of your livestock animals such as cattle feed, cattle minerals, horse feed, goat feed, poultry feed, rabbit feed, pig feed, animal health supplements & products, quality hay, straw, pine shavings & pellets, animal vaccines, animal minerals, trace mineral & white salts

Farm Supplies - gloves, buckets, halters, feed scoops, stall mats, bunk feeders, hay rings, stock tanks, cattle & goat mineral feeders, hay rakes, trash cans.

Pets - everything for your pets such as premium dog & cat foods, treats, animal health products, toys, food bowls, leashes, collars, flea & tick products, vaccinations.

Garden Center - SEASONAL grass seed, fertilizer, lime, vegetable garden plants, garden seeds, potting soil, onion sets, potato sets, insecticides, herbicides, de-icing supplies.

Drive Thru Service Available!

Burkmann Nutrition

See Dr. Dave Williams, founder of Burkmann Nutrition, talk about Burkmann's core values and listen to a few cattle farmers share about their experience using Burkmann feeds and minerals.